The year of the mug rugs

mug rug

This is my first attempt at a mug rug and I now realise that, though I like other people’s free motion embroidery, I don’t like my attempts.  Why I should think I could draw with a sewing machine when I can’t even drawer with a pencil is completely beyond me!  I also don’t like the bunny facing out and the next one I make he will be on the other side of the rug facing in.

I went to Barleycrafts today and bought a mug rug book with lovely ideas and applique patterns.  I’ve also just pinned a lovely design on Pinterest which includes mug cosies too.  I bought some nice spring fat quarters to make some more as Easter gifts.

It’s been very cold here today but I still walked to my slimming group after walking Lottie round the park for half an hour.  I’d lost another 1lb which makes 61/2 lbs since the week before Christmas so rather pleased I am getting a grip.


Enough waffle for now – off to phone my mum.


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